Xi Zheng

Multimedia Designer


My name is Xi Zheng, but most people call me Sissi. I am a native Austrian with Chinese roots. According to various sources, I’m one of the Millennials who have sort of grown up with rapid technological developments.

I call myself an „all-day dreamer“, because I often find myself thinking of new ideas and at night I dream anyway. Since I was little, I loved to draw and do handicrafts for my life. But my interests have not been limited to the creative, but also found their place in other cultures. This makes me very open to new things and I look at the world with childlike curiosity.

Now about my education. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in media technology from the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten in September 2019. Through this study I was allowed to get to know many programs and try myself in many areas of media design, which ranged from music production, animation to programming a website.

During my media technology studies I completed my internship at the company Signtime GmbH, where I animated an avatar. There I was able to learn a lot about sign language and improve my workflow with Maya a lot.

Through this internship, my interest in animation has increased. That’s why I started my master’s degree in „Animation and VFX“ in September 2019.


Masters Degree in Animation & Visual Effects (in Progress), 2023
Fachhochschule St. Pölten
St. Pölten, Austria

Bachelor of Science (BSc.) Media Technology, 2019
Fachhochschule St. Pölten
St. Pölten, Austria

Current Occupation and Career

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